The Big B | Higher Line Podcast #157

Former Pro Fighter Brian K. Peterson visits to shares his experiences being raised in the Chicagoland and pursuing a career in education. Peterson’s been on a D1 football team, owned his own restaurant and so much more.nnIn this podcast you hear Brian’s journey of personal growth and what it means to make a difference in your community for those around you… where ever you’re at in life. Be a better human.nnnnSUPPORT THE PODCAST. GET GUNFIGHTER GUN OIL!n—nnRELATED PODCASTS:nnWhat You Need to Know About Home Gun Safes | Higher Line Podcast #153n Canine Connection | Higher Line Podcast #150n that Deserves to be Remembered | Higher Line Podcast #131n #educationnnFULL HIGHER LINE PODCAST PLAYLIST:n—nMusic Attributions:nIntro – “3rd Eye Blimp” by Otis McDonaldnOutro – “I Want More” by Silent PartnernnThe Carry Trainer Higher Line Podcast is available on iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, Stitcher and most importantly